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Full-Service Lawn Care
Full-Service Lawn Care
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PA Lawn Service is a full-service commercial and residential turf care company. Our turf/lawn services are designed to assure you have a beautiful, well-manicured, luxurious outdoor space throughout the entire Minnesota growing season. Our years of experience and dedication to exceeding customer expectations mean that we will help you achieve and maintain an attractive and healthy lawn. We assess the turf condition and provide you with a comprehensive lawn care schedule and estimate. We can accommodate any level of service desired.  

Spring Cleanup and Yard Prep

Minnesota winters are hard on lawns. Debris, like branches and leaves, can accumulate into quite an eyesore come spring. It takes a lot of effort to get your lawn and landscaping ready for the warm weather. There are visual benefits that Spring Clean Up can provide, but the clean up is also beneficial for promoting healthy growth of turf, plants, and shrubs. It reduces mold and bacteria growth which can be harmful to not only plants and flowers but animals including pets.

The process involves removing the leftover debris from Fall and Winter. We blow out landscaped beds, and leaves and debris are mulched, blown, and removed from all turf areas. The debris is then taken off-site. The result is a yard free of debris and grass fluffed and ready for fertilizer so the growing season can begin.

Spring 2

You may think of leaf removal as a job for the fall. But leaves can also accumulate over the winter months as well. The benefits to cleaning up leaves in the fall are the same in the spring, except in the Spring the debris can be unsightly. PA Lawn Service removes the leaves and debris to ready your yard for summer.

Removing excess debris is necessary to having your yard look clean and pristine. Debris like branches, leaves, garbage, and more can accumulate over the winter into quite an eyesore when Spring arrives. Removing excess leaves and debris from your lawn does more than make it look well kept. It also assures adequate sun to bring the grass back from the hard winter. We assure garbage (plastic bags, cups, paper, etc.) that blows into the yard over the winter months is cleaned up from all turf and landscape areas. 

Flower and garden beds need special care to get them ready for spring planting. PA Lawn Service will remove any accumulated debris and freshen mulch if requested. PA Lawn Service will also till garden beds to prepare for planting. We prepare the area so you can create a beautiful garden to enjoy with your family throughout the spring and summer months.

Thatch is the layer of dead plant material located between root system and green grass. Dethatching removes thatch build up from the base of the lawn to allow moisture, oxygen, sunlight, and fertilizers to better reach the soil. Thatch is a natural process, but it is important to prevent thatch build up for the overall health of grass. When the thatch layer is too thick it can be a place where diseases fester and harbors unwanted pests. In Minnesota, Springtime de-thatching is very important for the overall health of grass throughout the season.

A healthy turf area needs to breathe. Annual or bi-annual aeration is highly recommended. Aeration promotes a strong root system by providing oxygen directly and helps the uptake of nutrients to the grass. While aerating, spreading seed is also good to maintain a dense grass area. Aeration also aids in maintaining a healthy thatch layer. The service can be performed in the Spring or the fall. In Minnesota, aeration and overseeding in the Fall is best.

Lawn Repair

PA Lawn Service will make repairs to lawns that have been damaged by weather, vehicles, landscaping activities or utilities work. We will repair the soil and replant or resod the area to restore the lawn to a lush green turf.

Using sod makes anything from repairing a simple patch to installing an entire new yard much quicker than planting seed. We use carefully nurtured sod farmed locally here in Minnesota that is healthy, cut fresh daily and ready for installation. Sod installed from PA Lawn Service assures the highest quality results. After installation, we inform you how to best care for your new sod so it will continue to thrive.

Overseeding is usually done in conjunction with aeration. While aerating, spreading seed helps maintain a dense grass area. Aeration opens the turf and gives the seed good access to dirt, oxygen, and fertilizer. Fall is the best time of year to overseed.


PA Lawn Service is a full-service residential and commercial underground sprinkler company. Irrigation systems are a staple to any high-quality residential turf and landscape project. Those systems require ongoing maintenance. Our experience and expertise in the green industry truly make us a one-stop shop for all your irrigation and outdoor needs.

Fertilizer and Weed Control

A beautiful lawn can become unsightly when weeds are not managed properly. Weed control is an important aspect to good turf management, but more important is proper fertilization. With a dense healthy turf, weeds do not have the opportunity to germinate. A good control program utilizes both control and elimination.

Crabgrass Preventer is a pre-emergent herbicide that works by inhibiting the growth of seedlings. The herbicide must be applied before the seed germinates.

Spring Fertilizer is the first application of the season and provides nutrients to help the lawn recover from the winter stress and bring color back to the yard.

Summer Fertilizer is an important application to assure the grass is strong and can withstand the extreme summer heat and lack of moisture.

Broadleaf Control in early summer focuses primarily on dandelion and other broadleaf weeds that start to emerge as temperatures increase. A responsible use of herbicides will reduce or eliminate weeds to improve the appearance and health of these areas.

A fall fertilizer application in Minnesota promotes root health. Storing nutrients before the dormancy of winter helps create a strong bounce back in Spring to ward off disease.

One of the best things you can do for your lawn is to treat weeds in late summer/early fall. Fall treatments help control both annual and perennial weeds and can be the key to eliminating established perennial invaders such as dandelion and clover.

Weekly Mow and Trim

A well-kept property requires regular maintenance. PA Lawn Service provides a regular worry-free mowing schedule to ensure a well-kept property.

Proper mowing is an important step in maintaining lush turf. We mow your lawn to the appropriate seasonal height, trim around all landscaped areas, trees, hard surfaces, sidewalks, drives and entry ways. We finish by using high powered blowers to make sure all clippings are blown off all hard surfaces.

After mowing, we trim all edge areas that mowers cannot reach using string trimmers to give the lawn a manicured finish. Trimming gives your yard a tidy appearance by cleaning up around trees, sidewalks, fencing and other landscaping features.


All lawn and trim clippings are blown from walkways, patios, hardscapes, and driveways. Lawn clippings are beneficial to the turf and are blown into the lawn to provide nutrients back into the soil.

Our team then installs the system. We make sure everything is running properly before we leave. We also take the time to assure the owner or property manager knows how the system operates. The last step in the install process is make sure the impacts to the property are repaired.

We use sharp edge tools to cut along sidewalks, patios, curb lines and other hard edges leaving a clean, neat appearance.


Landscaping is the process of making a property more attractive. This can be done by planting flowers, trees, shrubs, and repairing grass. Other landscaping improvements include installing patios, paver walks, retaining walls, installing mulch and rocks, along with adding lights to accent areas around the home. PA Lawn Landscaping Service can help with basic landscape design, new lawn planting, sod, mulch and rock installation, and retaining wall installation.


Bed landscaping can become an eyesore over time. You may have unwanted growth, overgrowth, or just a desire for change. From simple clean up, trimming, and thinning to a full tear out, design, and install, PA Lawn Service can provide solutions to improve the overall look. Please contact us for a worry-free estimate and consultation.

There are several varieties of mulch available on the market today. The most common are dyed hard wood mulches. Mulch should be updated and maintained each season. A top layer of mulch makes the area look fresh and well kept. It also has a health benefit. Mulch helps retain moisture, keeps weeds suppressed, and offers nutrients to assist in overall health of shrubs, trees, and plants. We offer full service installs as well as delivery only.

Rocks are a great element in any landscape project. Rock beds provide a much-desired gap between the house and grass areas, and can be installed to accent and beautify drainage solutions. Properly installed rock can provide a clean, worry-free look to the property for many years.

At PA Lawn Service, we design and install custom patios and walkways made from pavers, brick, flagstone and more to enhance or expand your outdoor living space. Custom patios and walks complement and add value to the property.

For patios and walkways, we use attractive and durable materials that can hold up under heavy foot traffic but still look beautiful and blend in with your existing architecture.

Brick pavers are a great choice for custom patios and walkways. They come in many different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles for the ultimate in customization.

Flagstone is another great option for patios or walkways. The natural look complements your existing landscaping. Flagstone can be more expensive than brick pavers due to its irregular shape, but the end results are gorgeous, natural-looking patios and hardscapes.

Retaining walls serve two purposes. They serve a functional part and a beautifying part.

The function part is usually the beginning of a retaining wall project. The retaining wall can be used to hold back earth to give a level area or break up a slope. It provides support for vertical and steep grade changes. Once we determine the function of the wall, we can provide material options, which is the beautifying part of your wall. There are many options when it comes to retaining walls. Stacked natural stone, boulders, concrete formed blocks, and wood are the best options for material. Contact us today for a worry-free estimate and consultation.

Landscape lighting does more than just brighten your property. It brings extra attention to the pride you have in your home.

Whether it’s to highlight the features of your home and landscaping, add an extra layer of security to your property, or extend the enjoyment of your outdoor living space, we at PA Lawn Service have the design and electrical installation know-how to create a beautiful and balanced lighting plan.

When you have shrubs around your home it is important to provide them with winter protection (winterizing) to ensure that they are not damaged over the winter months. The shrub pruning service provided by PA Lawn Service assure that proper cutting methods are used and provide you with beautiful shrubs in the spring. Typically done two times a season (depending on shrub types as well). Proper trimming promotes new thicker growth, healthier flowering, along with maintain a kept appearance, height, and shape.

Fall is a beautiful and colorful time of year in Minnesota. Late season flowers are in full bloom and the leaves change colors. The services provided by PA Lawn Service during this late fall season are what keeps your lawn and landscaping protected over the winter. It’s all about timing and execution. This includes the last mow of the season to make sure the grass is nice and short going in to fall.

Leaf removal from PA Lawn Service takes the hassle out of leaf collection and removal from both commercial and residential properties. Fall clean-up ensures that your landscape beds are cleaned and fallen leaves are removed, preventing mold and fungus from growing. Leaf removal is a large task for property owners. Our service includes cleaning up leaves and debris from the turf and hauling it away from the property.

In addition to leaves, other debris like branches, sticks and garbage are all unsightly elements of Fall cleanup. We remove all this debris from the property and haul it away.

Flower beds and landscape beds are beautiful and easier to maintain in the summer months. However, in the fall leaves from trees fall within the bed. As cooler weather arrives and rainy days increase, this can cause mold which can damage your mulch and plants. Bed cleaning is important to keep it healthy until Spring. It also allows snow from the Winter months to land directly on the bedding providing a direct water source for those warm spring days. This helps Spring flowers to get the water and nutrients they need. 

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