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A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself

A lush, green, healthy lawn is nearly every property owner’s desire. The reality is most lawns are missing very key nutrients.  In Minnesota Turf Grass, it is essential to apply high quality fertilizers several times through the growing season.

A dense healthy turf grass is much friendlier to the environment than a yard full of weeds.  It helps with runoff during rain storms and is a good source for oxygen.  It helps with urban pollution, keeps dust down, and can actually help cool during those hot summer days.

And nobody can argue how good a thick healthy grass feels on bare feet.

A dense healthy lawn is also the best way to assure a nearly weed free turf grass in Minnesota.

Weeds are the NUMBER 1 problem in turf grass.  Weeds compete with desirable lawn grasses for water, light, nutrients, oxygen, and space.  Weeds are extremely aggressive opportunist in the worst way.  They can easily take over a lawn if not managed properly.  They look for any opening available including thin and weak grass areas.  A broadleaf weed, once established, can quickly spread and damage your lawn leaving it unsightly.  Weed control is an important component in a healthy lawn care program.

The best weed control is, and always will be, a healthy dense turf.  It makes it extremely difficult for the weeds to even get established.  However, weeds will take advantage of any weakness they can find in your yard.  Which means, even healthy yards need some level of weed control.

In Minnesota we experience both Rosette weeds and creeping weeds.  Rosette weeds are weeds that grow from the center of a plant like dandelions and plantains.  Creeping weeds “creep” along the surface of the ground and can establish roots randomly.  The common ones are Ground Ivy (Creeping Charlie), Clover, and black medic.

Determining the best method to control an infestation will require some time.  A couple seasons are likely necessary to combat some types of weeds although usually manageable in a single season.  However, as soon as you look away they can come back quickly.  This is why PA Lawn Service recommends an ongoing program.

We offer crabgrass pre-emergent, broadleaf weed control, grassy weed control as needed, special blends of fertilizer.  We can also do grub control and pest control as needed.  The products we use are of professional grade and are applied safely and effectively to produce the healthiest and greenest lawns.

There is no program that is perfect and each lawn has unique requirements.  On our first visit in the Spring we will assess and make recommendations if needed.

Our applicators are licensed through the State of Minnesota.  We only use products approved by the EPA.