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PA Lawn Service Is A Full Service Snow Plowing Company

We all know Minnesota winters can be brutal. We are not able to predict the weather and we all know Minnesota weather can change quickly.  Having a plan is key.  Don’t let Mother Nature catch you off guard!  PA Lawn Service is a commercial snow & ice management service that will keep your communities running through all Minnesota winter weather conditions. With a successful track record, PA Lawn Service is the right solution.  We track every event closely and dispatch services as needed.

PA Lawn Service provides one-stop winter service solution.

Our first priority is always to maintain safe surfaces.

How can we help?

Snow Plowing

We offer snow plowing and removal services for the Northwest Metro area.  Whether you require snow plowing for a parking lot, shopping area, warehouse, industrial lot, office building, driveway, or walkway, PA Lawn Service can provide you with 24-hour snow plowing.

We recognize the importance of having clean, well-maintained, and safe commercial areas to ensure the easy flow of traffic.  Ease and accessibility are priorities for us here at PA Lawn Service.

We like to meet with all customers prior to final execution of contract to discuss designated areas to clear, where to relocate snow, obstacles to avoid, and where to apply de-icing agents.  PA Lawn Service provides salt and other melting agents as necessary.

We employ commercial grade snow plows for snow plowing, hauling, removal, and relocation. Our trained staff is ready to handle all snow emergencies. Our site team leaders carry maps that clearly mark areas for clearing and relocating and de-icing.  Each snow event is different, and we do not control the timing of snow, but we understand the importance and try to prioritize properties to assure clear passing.  In a snow storm event we provide an initial pass to open up entries and keep traffic flowing and then we return at a later time to provide “curb-to-curb” clearing.


At PA Lawn Service we offer complete sidewalk snow removal solutions for our customers to ensure their safety. Many residential and retail areas that we service include walkways, driveways, and entrances to front and back doors. In large residential communities such as town-homes, condo or apartment complexes, PA Lawn Service focuses on keeping all common areas clear for residents, visitors, and vendors.

Relax and enjoy snow-free walkways, driveways, and parking areas with PA Lawn Service. We take care of all the tedious tasks associated with snow removal.

Salting and De-Icing

PA Lawn Service provides salting and de-icing agents as part of our complete winter solutions.  We offer services for both our residential and commercial customers.  Our promise and priority are to maintain safe surfaces in the community. We provide all of our customers a quality twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week service.

Pre-treatment options available for commercial parking lots and main walkways.

PA Lawn Service also offers zero tolerance contracts.  That means we will visit and inspect sites before and after a snow or precipitation event to inspect the site and apply products as needed.  We plan well ahead in order to determine the appropriate commercial grade de-icing, salting, and other melting agents to use.  After snow plowing, hauling, and relocation, many areas can be quite slippery from wet snow and ice.  Our team leaders know how much, when, and proper methods to apply products.

Salt Buckets

PA Lawn Service provides salt buckets as a great way to keep your property safe.  They can be stored anywhere on the property and re-filled upon request.  They are perfect for entrances, walkways, stairways, and other areas that there is a risk of slipping and falling.  They are a blend of material to be effective even in temperatures below 0F.  A low mixture of sand to keep the salt from clumping and offering immediate traction in an icy condition.

Snow Relocation and Stacking Services

During the winter season, large amounts of snow can accumulate, limiting access to entryways, driveways, walkways, parking lots, and other critical areas.  PA Lawn Service will determine, with customers, best time to relocate/remove snow or best option to stack snow in larger piles to assure easy passage.

We may relocate snow to designated areas within the property.  It may be a simple as another area of the parking lot.  PA Lawn Service makes every effort to relocate snow to areas without inhibiting the flow of traffic.

We do not want snow to pile up and prevent access to the property.

SNOW Service

PA Lawn Service is completely dedicated to snow removal.  We anticipate each event and dispatch and employ staff and equipment as required for each unique event.


We are available 24/7 throughout the season to answer any of your questions or concerns.


In order to guarantee reliability, we sometimes will employ subcontractors. Our subcontracted staff has the same commitment to excellence as our own staff.  They employ equipment that is not always required but sometimes necessary to complete the job efficiently and timely.  Our commitment is to our customer and getting the job done right the first time.


We understand that equipment can breakdown during a snow event.  That’s why we have back up plans to assure a seamless response and job completion.