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A healthy lawn doesn’t happen by itself…

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A healthy lawn simply looks better and it does not happen by itself.

There are steps that need to be taken to assure a well-maintained lawn.  Mowing, Water, Fertilizer, Weed Control, Aeration and Overseeding are just the beginning.

Proper mowing is an important step in maintaining lush turf.  A proper height, frequency, sharp blades are all required to achieve proper mowing.  A cut height of 3” – 4” is ideal for most Turf Grass in Minnesota.  Mowing to low can put a lot of stress on the grass. Taking to much off the blade of grass can cause stress.  Dull blades “chop” grass instead of cutting which in the heat of summer can cause the tips to burn and turn yellow or brown.  It is important to not take more than 1/3 of the blade off.

Proper Watering – All grass needs water.  The frequency and amount are important.  Understanding soil is also an important factor.  A deep soaking is the best way to water.  Short frequent water does not penetrate the soil deep enough.  A healthy lawn needs 1” – 2” of water per week. A sandy soil drains well so more frequent watering will be required to sustain proper health.  A heavy clay soil requires much less water to sustain proper health.  Setting up irrigation for every 3 to 4 days is ideal for long-term health. Improperly watered grass invites several issues that can be very costly to reverse.  The biggest issue in Minnesota is over using irrigation systems. Overwatering can cause a shallow root system that can die off quickly when water is not available.

Fertilization, it is essential to provide food for the grass.  Although most nutrients required for healthy grass are naturally occurring in the yard.  However, there is usually not enough and supplements are necessary for overall health.  Also, best defense against weed infestation is thick dense grass.  A low level of herbicide to keep weeds under control is best for continued long term health of all turf areas.  Fertilizing properly also helps reduce stress during dry, hot, and drought periods.

Pesticides, chemicals that assist in eliminating or reducing pests.  Weeds are considered a pest when they exist in our turf areas and in our landscaped areas.  Reducing or eliminating pest will improve the appearance and health of these areas.  A responsible program will limit the use of pesticides but they are still required.

In the recent past there has been a lot of discussion about fertilizers and pesticides in the environment. First, we should do everything we can to protect our water.  However, neglecting turf areas is not the right solution.  Properly maintaining turfed areas with appropriate use of fertilizers and pesticides will do more to protect our water than it will to harm.   When fertilizers and pesticides are used properly the environmental benefits far outweigh the negative impacts.  Healthy lawns are important to the environment.  Actually, thick healthy lawns limit runoff from pesticides and fertilizers.

Aeration; is highly recommended.  A healthy turf area needs to breathe.  Annual or bi-annual aeration should be completed.  Aeration promotes a strong root system by providing oxygen directly. It helps the uptake of nutrients to the grass.  While aerating spreading seed is also a good idea to help maintain a dense grass area. Aeration also aids in maintaining a healthy thatch layer.  The service can be performed in the Spring or the fall.  Although in Minnesota Fall is really best.

De-Thatching; first – what is thatch?  Thatch is the layer of dead plant material located between root system and green grass. A thin layer of thatch is desirable. However, it is a Spring time must in Minnesota.  Dethatching is the process of removing thatch build up from the base of the lawn in order to allow moisture, oxygen, sunlight and fertilizers to better reach the soil. Thatch is a natural process but it is import to prevent thatch build up for the overall health of grass.  When the thatch layer begins to get to thick it can be a place where diseases fester and harbors unwanted pests.

PA Lawn Service is a full-service commercial and residential turf care company, our turf/lawn services are designed with a simple and practical goal – to assure you have a beautiful, well-manicured, luxurious outdoor space.  Our years of experience and dedication to exceeding customer expectations mean that we will help you achieve and maintain a healthy weed-free yard. When you hire us, you simply relax, we take care of all the details.  Leave all the hard work and expensive equipment to us.