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Minnesota Summers can be brutal.  The afternoon heat and lack of moisture can take a toll on your landscaping. Proper watering, fertilizer, weed control, and mowing are important to assure the health of your landscaping. We supply everything except the water. Sit back and enjoy the outdoor space and let us handle the hard work.

Weekly Mowing

Mowing – Proper mowing is an important step in maintaining lush turf.  We mow your lawn to the appropriate seasonal height, trim around all landscaped areas, trees, hard surfaces, sidewalks, drives and entry ways.  We finish by using high powered blowers to make sure all clippings are blown off all hard surfaces.  Professionally maintained equipment along with our professional staff will make sure your property is neat and tidy.  Our professional equipment and diligent and courteous staff assures a quick efficient service.

Summer Fertilizer

Summer fertilizer is an important application to assure the grass is strong and has the ability to withstand the extreme summer heat and lack of moisture.

Broadleaf Control

Managing weeds in the summer can be a challenge due to heat and lack of moisture.  There is a small risk of top burn.  However, they still need to be treated.  Early Summer application focused on additional weeds that may emerge as the temperature warms.

Sidewalk Edging

A mechanical process involving a sharp edge is used to cut along sidewalks, patios, curb lines and other hard edges leaving a clean neat appearance.

Rock Freshening

Rock gardens and landscape beds should get a fresh layer when the rock becomes unsightly or infested with weeds.  This can be done anytime during the season.