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Fall is arguably the most beautiful and colorful time of year in Minnesota. The late season flowers are in full bloom and the leaves are beginning to change colors. The services provided during this late fall season is what keeps your lawn and landscaping protected over the winter. The services provided at this time of year are all about timing and execution. This includes the last mow of the season to make sure the grass is nice and short going in to fall.

Fall Clean Up

Fall clean-up ensures that your landscape beds are cleaned and fallen leaves are removed, preventing mold and fungus from growing.  Leaf Removal is a large task for property owners. Leaves fall from trees located on your property, as well as adjacent properties. The leaf removal service from PA Lawn Service takes the hassle out of leaf collection and removal from commercial and residential properties. Contact us today to learn more about the leaf removal service. The service includes cleaning up leaves and debris from the turf and hauling debris from the property.

Core Aeration

A healthy turf area needs to breathe.  Annual or bi-annual aeration should be completed.  Aeration promotes a strong root system by providing oxygen directly.  It helps the uptake of nutrients to the grass.  While aerating spreading seed is also a good idea to help maintain a dense grass area.  Aeration also aids in maintaining a healthy thatch layer.  The service can be performed in the Spring or the fall.


Overseeding, usually done in conjunction with aeration.  The fall is the best time of the year to overseed.  Aeration opens up the turf and gives the seed good access to dirt, oxygen, and fertilizer

Fall Fertilizer/Winter Fertilizer

A fall fertilizer application in Minnesota promotes root health.  Storing nutrients before the dormancy of winter helps with a strong bounce back in Spring with strength to ward off disease.

Late Season Weed Control

Might be the best thing you can do for your lawn is to treat weeds in late summer/early fall.  Fall treatments will help control both annual and perennial weeds and can actually be the key to eliminating established perennial invaders such as dandelion and clover.

Hedge/Shrub Trimming

Typically done two times a season (depending on shrub types as well).  Proper trimming promotes new thicker growth, healthier flowering, along with maintain a kept appearance, height, and shape.

Weekly Mowing

Mowing – Proper mowing is an important step in maintaining lush turf.  We mow your lawn to the appropriate seasonal height, trim around all landscaped areas, trees, hard surfaces, sidewalks, drives and entry ways.  We finish by using high powered blowers to make sure all clippings are blown off all hard surfaces.  Professionally maintained equipment along with our professional staff will make sure your property is neat and tidy.  Our professional equipment and diligent and courteous staff assures a quick efficient service.